Logistics to me is a way of thinking. I am a strategic person, overseeing the whole supply chain of various industries from board- and c-level to all levels. Through experiential learning, I have a hands-on approach and know how to translate strategies into executional plans to achieve the best business results. The combination of my organizational skills, analytical skills, technical insights, and eye for innovation have been effective in many projects. I am an enthusiastic people manager, with proven record in creating highly motivated and engaged teams.  Working locally and internationally, I gained much experience with optimizing supply chains and integrating changes effectively within teams, product development and the supply chain as a whole for Phillips, DB Schenker, Resulting in revenue up to 32 million euro a year.   Specialized in: • general Management • global, regional and internal supply chains • Value added services • Control tower management • Integrated logistics solutions • Warehousing- & Distribution Management • Transportation Management • Account Management-Business Development-Sales • Support: Financials - Commercials - Real Estate - SHEQ+S  • 3D printing and the effect on supply chains