Hello Visitor, Good to meet you here. I am an Agile PM& Scrum Master: people oriented and keeping the customer at the center. Always on the lookout for new projects ; my track shows implementing projects end-2-end in Network Operations, Customer Service, Crisis and Security management. Surely i learned from failures. While geographically those cover Europe, America, Africa and Asia; a cross-over experience in sales, marketing and product development disciplines enriched my working life and value for customers. My major is Methods & Techniques of Research, hence data science i know through quantitative competence, and human-centered is my qualitative approach. I am fortunate to have met many wonderful persons from working in commercial and not-for-profit organizations. What i like is communication and implementation. The project results that i delivered are still in place and cooperation ongoing. Projects where i deliver value are in - ICT-projects, system development and system implementation, - SaaS solution implmentations for Daptiv & Atlassian - public-private partnerships, - setting up distribution networks, - development of business solutions for customers in healthcare, automotive and electronics sector. I love to do that for you as well. Coaching colleagues is through the GROW model, while my general approach to work is based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. As a person I am sincere, discrete and a team-player that solves matters in an engaging manner. Have an excellent day! getjan.lammers@kpnmail.nl +31610936602